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Incense is made of natural materials that can be burned to create a fragrant, aromatic smoke.


Sambirani is used to freshen up the scent of indoor areas, for spiritual purposes, for health, and more.

Pooja Items

We supply wholesale to our entire product range anywhere in peninsular Malaysia.

Range of Products

Alfana Sri Jothi provides vast range of Incense and Sambirani items for Malaysian Homes.


Cross-border Marketing with Products Popular In Various Places We sell products through a variety of channels, including TikTok, Shopee, Lazada, FB Market and other social media. Certainly, we formulate different marketing strategies according to the differences in market size, as a Way to adapt to the large Indian market as compared to the relatively small Malaysian market. In addition, our products first undergo laboratory tests in India to assure their perfect fragrance and quality before being wholesaled to Malaysia," director Amutha revealed to the article writer.

It is understood that Alfana's products are widely accepted among the three major ethnic groups in Malaysia. Chinese and Malays mainly purchase Alfana's aromatic products, while Indian customers prefer our religious goods. Likewise, Alfana's products are also popular and utilized by Customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Alfana has a piece of advice for new entrepreneurs: if you know the industry you are engaged in well enough, and have sufficient knowledge and courage, then you should give ita go bravely. In the process of starting a business, we must work hard unceasingly and be sincere, and attach importance to teamwork and employee development, in order to achieve the Company's success and better development." Alfana is an Indian spiritual product company thar promotes health, meditation, and prayer culture through eco-friendly, plant-based spiritual products Value Alfana currently has a total of 4 warehouses in Malaysia and India. The two warehouses in India are located in Chennai Tamil Nadu, and the warehouses in Malaysia are located in Puchong (office and Port Klang. At the same time, Alfana is also launching sales in Singapore, Germany, Thailand and Australia.

When talking about the company's future vision, the founder Partiban Subramaniam and director Amutha made it very clear that they envision to bring the company's products to the whole world SO as to provide more customers with healthier products and with higher quality. At the same time, they also hope to set more affordable prices in order to benefit more people, so that they can also enjoy the unique fragrance and high quality Alfana products, They believe that only through ongoing innovation, constant Improvement of product quality and Focus on Teamwork To Realize Entrepreneurial Dreams As a start-up company, Alfana has also faced a great deal of challenges, such as insufficient number of customers, uncertainties in securing transactions, difficulties in the launching of products, etc. However, the business has always been persevering in overcoming these difficulties, and finally became a successful and developed business. Therefore, Alfana encourages new entrepreneurs to face challenges With bravery, make consistent effort, and always focus on teamwork and employee development, in order to realize the entrepreneurial dreams.


About Alfana Sri Jothi

Alfana Sri Jothi is a Incense, Sambirani and other Pooja Items Manufactured in India and Distributed in Malaysia.

The Greatest Threat to Our Planet is the Belief That Someone Else Will save it. Alfana srijothi proudly launched they recycling plastic concept the new Benzoin (sambranis )also introducing in all over Malaysia.


We help the Environment.

Nature does not need people .people need nature,REFUSE,REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE ,ROT,we are introduce in our products will be packing in recycling and bio plastic concept.if any one interested please call our customer care.